Non-Financial Report / Introduction

With this separate consolidated Non-Financial Report (NFR), Aurubis fulfills its obligation to disclose non-financial information for fiscal year 2018/19 pursuant to Sections 315b and 315c in conjunction with Sections 289c to 289e of the German Commercial Code (HGB).

At Aurubis, sustainability is a significant part of our conduct and therefore plays a key role in our activities. A responsible approach to employees, suppliers, customers, and neighbors is a matter of course for us, whether in direct business operations or in the surrounding areas. The same applies to our environment, as we are aware of the limits of natural resources and want to keep negative impacts from our business activities to a minimum.

When introducing our company vision in 2017, we established the objective of developing Aurubis from a copper producer to a multi-metal group by 2025, and we enshrined this transformation in our Group strategy. Sustainability is an integral part of this Group strategy, which illustrates the high priority placed on responsible corporate governance at Aurubis.

We aim to enhance our sustainability achievements continuously, beyond the legal requirements. One contribution to this goal is the implementation of the Aurubis Sustainability Strategy, which outlines the action areas for the coming years.