Consolidated Cash Flow Statement

for the period from October 1 to September 30 (IFRS)

in € thousandNote12 months 
12 months 
Earnings before taxes 261,195367,439
Depreciation and amortization of fixed assets7132,599125,408
Change in allowances on receivables and other assets 378683
Change in non-current provisions 2,736-1,399
Net gains/losses on disposal of fixed assets 32,123744
Measurement of derivatives 17,467-17,735
Other non-cash items 4,5895,206
Expenses and income included in the financial result 14,7849,225
Income taxes received/paid -67,006-77,593
Gross cash flow 398,865411,978
Change in receivables and other assets -15,969-9,469
Change in inventories (including measurement effects) -33,227-200,701
Change in current provisions 8,5012,946
Change in liabilities (excluding financial liabilities) -86,496-2,251
Cash inflow from operating activities (net cash flow) 271,674202,503
Payments for investments in fixed assets14, 15-221,481-168,174
Proceeds from the disposal of fixed assets 1,5921,021
Proceeds from the sale of investment property 07,842
Proceeds from the redemption of loans granted to third parties 06,529
Interest received 3,9323,631
Dividends received 8,0806,374
Cash outflow from investing activities -207,877-142,777
Proceeds deriving from the take-up of financial liabilities 144,46432,507
Payments for the redemption of bonds and financial liabilities -160,219-85,552
Payments for the acquisition of non-controlling interests 0-19,244
Interest paid -16,193-12,278
Dividends paid21-69,828-66,557
Cash outflow from financing activities -101,776-151,124
Net change in cash and cash equivalents -37,979-91,398
Changes resulting from movements in exchange rates 21752
Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of period 479,223570,569
Cash and cash equivalents at end of period 441,461479,223
Less cash and cash equivalents from discontinued operations at end of period 19,98018,178
Cash and cash equivalents at end of period deriving from continuing operations20421,481461,045
Additional information is provided in the Notes to the consolidated cash flow statement.