Responsible supply chain

In our view, our responsibility to uphold human rights extends to the supply chain. Aurubis sources metal-bearing raw materials worldwide. In some cases, our metals come from countries with a higher risk of human rights violations, non-compliance with social and environmental standards, or corruption. One of our objectives is to manage our global sourcing of primary and secondary raw materials responsibly, taking the respective impact on the social environment, the natural environment, and economic aspects into account.

We have implemented Aurubis Business Partner Screening to fulfill our due diligence obligation. This tool enables us to analyze our business partners’ integrity in relation to social and ecological criteria. The focus of the process is on the topics of compliance, corruption, human rights violations, and the environment. Based on this assessment, management decides on possible contracts or restrictions. For existing business partnerships, the analysis is repeated regularly depending on the original risk. The screening is based on the principles of the OECD. Since 2013, Aurubis’ gold production has been annually certified as conflict-free according to the standards of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). The certificate verifies the effectiveness of our due diligence process with regard to gold production. Suppliers of other raw materials go through a comparable process as those who supply gold-bearing raw materials.

Key measures of the Sustainability Strategy 2018–2023 and their status in FY 2018/19

  • Introducing the Aurubis Business Partner Code of Conduct across the Group (by FY 2018/19)
    The Code of Conduct was introduced.
  • Implementing Aurubis Business Partner Screening across the Group
    The screening has already been expanded to include the key sites Olen and Pirdop.
  • Including human rights, environmental protection, and safety clauses1 in supply contracts for primary raw materials
    During fiscal year 2018/19, the percentage of contracts with ­primary raw material suppliers including the corresponding clause was over 80 % (target: 100 % by FY 2022/23).
  • Identifying a suitable sector solution
    Aurubis is a member of the International Copper Association (ICA). In 2019, the ICA introduced the concept of the Copper Mark, which will entail a review of the sustainability standards of copper production sites including mines, smelters, and refineries. We support the initiative and are actively monitoring the development process as a member of the ICA.


1We expect our suppliers of primary raw materials to follow not only local laws but also UN sanctions and trade restrictions, as well as UN conventions related to human rights, environmental protection, and safety.