The Future

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Executive Board Chairman Roland Harings discusses challenges, approaches, and hard decisions.

> Interview with the Executive Board Chairman

A brief overview of our business model, and why recycling is becoming more and more important to us as a driver of earnings.

> Business Model

What recycling raw materials do we use, what innovations are we researching, and what trends benefit us? Three behind-the-scenes reports.

> Recycling Qualities> Research & Development> Recycling Markets & Market Drivers

A discussion with Prof. Reuter on why we have to rethink product design and an interview with Ms. von Hahn about how Aurubis helps shape metal recycling from a political angle.

> Design for Recycling> Politics & Society

A report on the dialogue between the companies TKF and Aurubis about CO2 emissions, closed loops, and why metals are here to stay.

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Facts & Figures

~ 700.000 t
Recycling materialswas our throughput in fiscal year 2018/19.
~ 25.000 t
CO2Reductionannually thanks to the Industrial Heat and Power-to-Steam projects
~ 100.000 t
CO2Emissionsis what we plan to reduce through projects until 2023 – compared to 2012/13. We had achieved 74 % of this goal as at September 30, 2019.
7080 %
OF ALL COPPER EVER PRODUCED is still in circulation. One car alone includes an average of 50 kg of copper.
~ 85 million t
Copper in circulationavailable for recycling between 2030 and 2040 (overall theoretical potential).