Corporate governance and the principles of responsible and sustainable company management determine Aurubis’ actions. More information is available in the section

Anti-corruption measures are established in Aurubis’ compliance management. Compliance management forms the basis for observing legal regulations. Compliance with all legal and company guidelines and policies is our objective. Violating the law can have serious consequences – for our employees, for Aurubis as a group, and for our business partners. For us, compliance also means that we act in accordance with ethical principles and our defined company values, as well as with internal corporate policies.

Together with the Executive Board, our compliance employees promote a compliance culture and actively strive to strengthen awareness for following rules and laws in the Group. Compliance management establishes the main targets, develops the corresponding organization, and identifies, analyzes, and communicates significant compliance risks. Our compliance program introduces principles and measures to limit risks and prevent violations. The chief compliance officer reports regularly (and as the circumstances may require) to the Executive Board and Audit Committee with regard to the compliance management system, compliance violations, and compliance-related measures. He works together closely with the employees responsible for Risk Management and Internal Audit. Within Aurubis’ internal control system, the chief compliance officer reviews potential compliance risks together with the Executive Board, the plant managers, and the heads of corporate and central functions.

The company’s chief compliance officer is the central point of contact for all compliance-relevant questions and reports directly to the Executive Board. At the larger Group sites, local compliance officers are available as a point of contact for employees.

Measures include prevention, monitoring, and sanctions. Preventive measures at Aurubis comprise internal policies, guidance, and particularly the training of employees.

One of the central topics in our compliance activities is preventing corruption in our business activities. The anti-corruption measures are also established in our compliance management. The Corporate Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy and the Code of Conduct for employees, both of which apply Group-wide, are at the core of the anti-corruption efforts in our business activities.

The Aurubis Code of Conduct is given to every employee. They all confirm that they have received the Code of Conduct by signing the employment contract. Training on anti-corruption and antitrust law is carried out regularly throughout the Group. As part of compliance management, the corruption risks at our sites are identified and documented by Risk Management.

Employees and business partners can make anonymous reports regarding legal violations via a whistle-blower hotline. It is also open to all of our external stakeholders. This hotline is operated by external, independent attorneys. Any tips they receive, for example regarding possible cases of corruption, discrimination, or incidents in the supply chain, are investigated. If any wrongful acts are actually proven, they can lead to warnings, dismissals, and/or damage claims. The hotline is available in English, German, and Spanish.

Key measures

  • Providing employees for whom the topics of anti-corruption and antitrust law are relevant due to their responsibilities with training on these topics about every three years, regardless of their level in the company hierarchy
    In the past few years, this applied to 730 employees for ­anti-corruption training and to around 320 employees for antitrust law training.


We are not aware of any antitrust or corruption cases in the reporting period.