The Future

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Executive Board Chairman Roland Harings discusses challenges, approaches, and hard decisions.

> Interview with the Executive Board Chairman

A brief overview of our business model, and why recycling is becoming more and more important to us as a driver of earnings.

> Business Model

What recycling raw materials do we use, what innovations are we researching, and what trends benefit us? Three behind-the-scenes reports.

> Recycling Qualities> Research & Development> Recycling Markets & Market Drivers

A discussion with Prof. Reuter on why we have to rethink product design and an interview with Ms. von Hahn about how Aurubis helps shape metal recycling from a political angle.

> Design for Recycling> Politics & Society

A report on the dialogue between the companies TKF and Aurubis about CO2 emissions, closed loops, and why metals are here to stay.

> Sustainability & Products> Facts & Figures

Mission Statement

Our goal is to improve each and every day, a goal we weren’t always successful in achieving during the past fiscal year. This pushes us to continue working hard and focusing on the things that really count, the things that make a difference, in an effort to reshape our future.

Our strategic orientation to the multi-metal business is the basis for tomorrow’s success. We plan to strengthen our recycling activities with additional international acquisitions. Recycling materials are real treasures that we unlock with our knowledge and our technology, allowing us to recover valuable metals while fulfilling our responsibility to society through our sustainable approach to resources.

The prefix “RE” best sums up our recycling activities – it represents metal recovery, a responsible approach to business, and being open every day to new ideas that simply make us better.

It starts with our magazine and Annual Report, which are 100 % recyclable and printed in a CO2-neutral process.